Art is not the goal, but the means

April 6, 2006

I had an exciting idea the other day. I was reading over one of my essays, where I talk about “art for the sake of art”. I am always critical of this idea, but I finally articulated the alternative. Art is not a goal, but it is a means to a goal. In the homunculus essay I discuss the limitations of science. My new idea is that art is a means to explore that which is beyond the bounds of scientific inquiry. We would use science if we could for these things, but we cannot. So here is a meaningful role for the artist. The nice thing is that all the good stuff is in my area, and scientists have to content themselves with molecules, or neural signals that they do not understand.

The reason I like this idea is that it takes the burden off of the heavy word “ART” and puts it onto the subject that is to be investigated.